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We are currently running a cervical health campaign to alleviate the disease burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria. This cervical health campaign is a compulsory, life saving public health programme designed to reduce the cervical cancer scourge in Nigeria. 

Presently, the awareness of cervical cancer in Nigeria is less then 1%, less than 0.1% of women have ever been screened against the diseases hence, cervical cancer kills one Nigerian woman every hour (8,000 women annually!).  


Cervical cancer is 100% preventable it can be detected in its early pre-cancer stage and adequately treated by simple medical intervention. However, once cervical cancer is fully established, treatment becomes expensive, detrimental and in most cases futile costing us our mothers, wives, sisters and loved ones. 


The George Kerry Life Foundation is trying to set up Cervical Cancer Screening and treatment Centers (CECAC) in Nigeria.

The centers will:

• provide continuous awareness to the public, timely Breast and cervical cancer screening, plus treatment of early cervical lesions

. run a cancer research laboratory so we can discover and investigate peculiarities concerning Nigerian women and develope new ways of fighting the disease 

• provide a hub for healthy community initiatives

• serve as a base of operations for several educational and community organizations

• be a demonstration site for communities and heath care providers searching for creative ways to sustain viable health care operations and enhance community well-being

• serve as a training site for community health workers to learn how to perform cervical health education and screening in their communities


We need your help! A total sum of Twenty Six Million Naira ($173,000) is required to equip and run this one of a kind center in Nigeria.


Please make a generous donation to this worthy cause and start helping us save women's lives

Corporate bodies and individuals may also sponsor costs of specific equipment or units (e.g. Mobile Screening Ambulances, Laboratory equipment, Computer systems, screening materials, Disposables e.t.c.) Donated items and units can be named in honour of the Donor on request.

Money donations should be made in cheque or cash form to:

"GEORGE KERRY LIFE FOUNDATION" Skye Bank, Account No - 1150001067


 "GEORGE KERRY LIFE FOUNDATION" Access Bank Account No - 0014319482

Kindly contact us on these numbers for more details - 2348078467478, 2348099553165.



You too can join the cervical health campaign by volunteering for our many outreach programs.

You can initiate screening programs, fundraisers, and/or help us implement them.

You can also function as a volunteer awareness advocate or representative to women groups, corporate organizations and government bodies!

Lend us your voice and services. 

"The George Kerry Life Foundation Volunteer of the month" for October is Mr. Dare Ogunremi, for organizing and overseeing Breast, cervical and prostate health education and screening for the Members of Saint Augustine Catholic Church, Ikorodu - Lagos.


For more details on how you can impact your community, Kindly contact us on these numbers for more details - 2348078467478, 2348099553165.


The George Kerry Life Cervical Health Campaign educates women on cervical cancer prevention and conducts regular cervical screening in communities and corporate organizations. We work through Mobile units which allow us to carry out our screening services in any community we find ourselves (Rural or Urban)

The availability of a Mobile Ambulance would make our activities more conducive and eliminate the need to set up a make shift clinics each time we visit a new community.

Your donations can help us purchase a Mobile Ambulance for our cervical screening outreach programmes to women in neighboring communities and states around you.

A fully equipped mobile Ambulance costs approximately Eighteen Million Naira (N18,000,000.00k)

Please make all cheque donations to: The George Kerry Life Foundation, Skye Bank Account No - 1150001067

For more details on how you can impact your community, Kindly contact us on these numbers for more details - 2348078467478, 2348099553165. 



Everyday we make use disposable instruments and other diagnostic tools to provide free screening and treatment against cervical and breast cancer in communities. We need many of them in large quantities and consistent replacements are always needed.

Kindly donate these items for our use.

Items needed include:

Disposable Cusco's speculum, Colposcopes, Cryosugery Machine,  Breast screening pads, Mammogram, Punch forceps, Sterilizing unit, Clinical Beds, Clinical lamps, Gloves, syringes, Laboratory equipments, Laboraatory Reagents,  Swabs sticks, Health education leaflets, Computer systems.


Thank you as you donate generously.


We anticipate your support. 


For more details please contact us. 


For more details on how you can impact your community, Kindly contact us on these numbers for more details - 2348078467478, 2348099553165.